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T-Shirt & Memory Quilts

T-Shirt & Memory Quilts

Each T-Shirt & Memory Quilt I make is as unique as you! Every quilt is individually designed based on the material you supply.  I utilize high quality materials and create a wonderful quilt that you will love to wrap up in. 


Some additional helpful info...

  • Once the shirts are received, they are prepped using a professional heat press and a light-weight stabilizer to help prevent stretching and to promote longevity. 
  • Prepared shirts are cut into blocks and arranged in a balanced layout. Unless additional borders are desired, a two-inch border will is included in the base price of your quilt. This will help to "frame" the blocks. 
  • I will send you photos of the preliminary layout. At this stage you can help decide the placement of the blocks that is most pleasing to you. No sewing will begin until you are happy with the block arrangement. 
  • Quilts can be created from more than just t-shirts! Sweatshirts and sports jerseys are gladly accepted. 
  • The look of your quilt can drastically change with the additon of sashing (strips of fabric between the blocks) and additional borders. My goal is to create your vision and exceed your expectations. 
  • How Many T-Shirts Are Needed

    That all depends!  What size quilt do you want?  Do your shirts have designs on the front and the back?  I've put together this table to give you a general idea - but remember,  the size of your quilt could be much smaller or bigger!  I can add solid or block borders if you have a limited number of shirts and want to make your quilt larger.  And don't worry - I will give you a chance to add or subtract shirts before we start cutting!

  • Quilt Sizes

    Quilts come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no "right" size.  If you will use your quilt on a bed - make sure to measure it, including how far it will drape over the sides, to ensure your quilt size will be perfect!

    Now select the size that best fits your needs. 

    *Please note that sizes are approximate before the addition of any borders.

    • Throw:   3 blocks across, 4 blocks down (Approximately 45" x 60")
    • Stadium:   4 blocks across, 4 blocks down (Approximately 60" x 60")
    • Twin:  4 blocks across, 5 blocks down (Approximately 60" x 75")
    • Long Twin:  4 blocks across, 6 blocks down (Approximately 60" x 90")
    • Full/Queen: 5 blocks across, 6 blocks down (Approximately 75" x 90")
    • King: 6 blocks across, 6 blocks down (Approximately 90" x 90")
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