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I'm Debbie, owner of CalicoGrace Quilting, and I'm so glad you stopped by my site!  We are located in the Mid-Michigan area, and we do all things quilting but specialize in Longarm and Keepsake quilts (like T-Shirt Quilts).

As a long-time quilter it is my passion helping others enjoy the process of quilting.  Just let us know how we can help you finish your project or create something special from memories you have collected over the years.  Just visit our Gallery to see some of the projects we have created.

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My Story

I have had a love of sewing and quilting for many, many years now. I believe that came from my beautiful grandmother, Roberta, who supported her family as a seamstress creating lovely, custom-fit clothing. (I still have some of her pieces safely tucked away.)


Learning to sew and make quilts seemed to come naturally to me, and it was not long before I was completely hooked! Now I am at a stage in life where I want to share my passion for quilting with others. A huge leap of faith led to the establishment of CalicoGrace Quilting. All CalicoGrace's Quilts are finished using an APQS Lucey with state-of-the-art Quilt Path technology. You can be sure your finished quilt will be done with precision and the utmost care.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(989) 397-7698

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