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Welcome to CalicoGrace Quilting! 


I have had a love of sewing and quilting for many, many years now. I believe that came from my beautiful grandmother, Roberta, who supported her family as a seamstress creating lovely, custom-fit clothing. (I still have some of her pieces safely tucked away.)

Learning to sew and make quilts seemed to come naturally to me, and it was not long before I was completely hooked! Now I am at a stage in life where I want to share my passion for quilting with others. A huge leap of faith led to the establishment of CalicoGrace Quilting. All CalicoGrace's Quilts are finished using an APQS Lucey with state-of-the-art Quilt Path technology. You can be sure your finished quilt will be done with precision and the utmost care.

I look forward to working with you to create the finished keepsake you dreamed of!


Deb Bebow​

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